Twin Cities Aviation began operating in 1997 at the Anoka County Airport in Blaine, Minnesota with three employees. Since then, we have grown to 20 employees including mechanics, flight instructors and office staff.

TCA was the culmination of a dream by founder Bill Ahmann, who after years working as an A&P mechanic on piston and turbine aircraft in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area started his own business with the goal of providing outstanding personal service to aircraft owners and operators in the Twin Cities area.

In 1999 TCA became one of the first Cirrus Authorized Service Centers in the country. Cirrus Design Corp. chose TCA as a service center over several larger maintenance shops in the area partly because of the personal attention Bill and his staff provide to their customers, which fit well with what became known as “The Cirrus Experience.”

In 2005 TCA began offering flight training as a complement to its maintenance business and became one of the early Cirrus Standardized Training Centers in 2006. In 2008 we became a Part 141 certified flight school, meeting the stringent training, maintenance and record-keeping requirements demanded by the FAA to offer private, instrument and commercial pilot training under Part 141. Also in 2008 Twin Cities Aviation became a part 145 certified repair station, again meeting tough FAA requirements for training, quality control, inventory control and record keeping.

Our mechanics have decades of military and airline maintenance backgrounds as well as extensive experience working on piston aircraft. They have experience with heavy jet maintenance, avionics, systems, structures and composites and bring the high standards of technical excellence demanded by airline and military operations to our piston and turbine customers.

TCA’s maintenance staff has undergone factory training on a range of airframes including: Gulfstream G200, the Falcon 10/20 series, Westwind, King Air, Hawker/Beechcraft 400/800, Saberliner, McDonnel-Douglas, Cessna, Robinson and Enstrom helicopters and Cirrus’ popular SR20 and SR22 aircraft.

Our flight instructors are highly experienced as well. Our instructors average more than 2,000 hours experience in a variety of aircraft and have been instructing for years. We feel that offering mature, experienced instructors we add significant value to our flight training clients, many of whom are used to dealing with experienced professionals in their daily lives.

Several of our instructors have completed the stringent Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program, allowing them to provide the same high-quality and structured training in Cirrus aircraft that is available at the Cirrus factory. With the additional training required on an annual basis to maintain their Cirrus Standardized Instructor status, our instructors are some of the most experienced educators and mentors in the field.

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