Flight Training

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There are as many reasons as there are pilots. Some have always dreamed of owning their own airplane, some are pursuing a flying career,  some recognize a light aircraft to be a useful business tool. Whatever the specific reason, all pilots have one thing in common, the sheer excitement and love for flight. Take off on one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime - learn to fly.

You’ll extend your horizons, find new challenges, and add a whole lot of fun to your life, all the while traveling farther, higher, and faster than you ever have before.

Twin Cities Flight Training is a FAA Approved Flight School as well as the only Cirrus Standardized Training Center in Minnesota. TCA is located at the Anoka/Blaine Janes Field (ANE) between Hwy 35W, Hwy 65 and Hwy 10.  We have many dedicated FAA certified flight instructors with thousands of hours of logged flight time to accommodate the skill level of students or pilots needing advanced training.  Our fleet of aircraft range from the inexpensive Cessna 172SP trainer to the technically advanced Cirrus SR22.

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Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus aircraft are one of the most technically advanced single engine aircraft available today. The Cirrus offer safety, comfort and affordability unlike any other technically advanced single engine aircraft. All Cirrus aircraft offer glass panels, modern avionics, leather interiors and the unparalleled safety design of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. If you are looking to fly in style this is the aircraft for you.

Cessna Aircraft

Cessna aircraft are the most well known non-high performance high wing aircraft in the world of initial flight instruction. Their reliability, air-worthiness and forgiving nature make Cessna a great choice for the student pilot. Our fleet includes Cessna 172SP models. All of our Cessna’s are IFR equipped with conventional instrumentation which is valuable in initial flight instruction.

Piper Aircraft

Piper aircraft are dependable low wing training aircraft with a stable training platform. We have a PA-28 Warrior and PARO Piper Arrow model in our fleet. The Piper Warrior is IFR equiped, Garmin 430, a perfect choice for either private or instrument student.The Piper Arrow is a complex aircraft with a 200 horsepower engine & retractable landing gear. 

Flight Simulators

Twin Cities’ has various simulators to fit your need. We utilize our simulators for inclement weather, advanced ratings, emergency training or any other specific need. Our simulators also range from a standard PC attitude training devices, up to Full Motion glass panel models. Check out the difference simulators can make through your training, while saving you money!

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