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Ground Schools

For those of you who expect the best, you've come to the right place... Let Twin Cities Flight Training open your eyes to the world of aviation through our in depth and hands on ground school. Typically lasting 8 weeks for just two nights a week. Twin Cities Flight Training is the place to get your dream started. We utilize a FAA approved 141 syllabus, and we tailor it with you, the student. Whether you’re looking to get started on your license, or just need a friendly refresher, you’ve come to the right place. 


Online Ground School!

If you can't make it into our facility, we can offer an online Ground School. Call 763-780-4375 now to book your online school!

Private Pilot Ground School:
Start Date: Next Ground School starts June 13th. Call or email now to secure your spot.
Days: Monday & Wednesday

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Week 1 Discovering aviation, Airplane systems
Week 2 Aerodynamic principles, Flight environment
Week 3 Communication & flight info, Stage 1 exam
Week 4 Meteorology, Federal Aviation Regulations
Week 5 Interpreting weather data, Stage 2 exam
Week 6 Airplane performance, Navigation
Week 7 Human factor principles, Flying cross country
Week 8 Review, Stage 3 exam
Week 9 Test dates

Instrument Pilot Ground School:
Starts Date: No date for Instrument Ground School has been scheduled. Please call for more details.

Days: Tuesday & Thursday

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Week 1 Principals of IFR/ Charts
Week 2 Departure
Week 3 Enroute, Stage 1 exam
Week 4 Arrival
Week 5 Instrument Approaches, Stage 2 exam
Week 6 Meteorology/ Weather (Part 1)
Week 7 Meteorology/ Weather (Part 2)
Week 8 IFR Considerations, Stage 3 exam
Week 9 Test dates

Cost of the course:
•$350* + tax (books not included)
•$650*+ tax (books & kit included)
Instrument Pilot Kit includes all materials needed for class and rating

CIRRUS Standardized Transition Training Course
Private pilot license
Cirrus SR-20 or SR-22 Transition Training includes:
• 12 hours dual flight instruction
• 12 hours ground instruction
• Cirrus transition training kit (Books & Training CD)
Course Cost: Discounts available, Please call or for details
$2080.00 in your aircraft
$3885.00 in our SR-20 aircraft
$4485.00 in our SR-22 aircraft
Course Syllabus:
The Cirrus transition training is broken down into 8 lessons. A typical course is three full days. This includes
approximately 50% ground instruction and 50% flight time.
Course Introduction
Lesson 1 Ground: Training Manual
Lesson 2 Aircraft/FTD: Cross-country scenario (normal ops & automation)
Lesson 3 Aircraft: Cross-country scenario (landings & maneuvers)
Lesson 4 Ground: Scenario training
Lesson 5 Aircraft/FTD: Cross-country scenario & system malfunctions
Lesson 6 Aircraft: Cross-country scenario & system malfunctions
Lesson 7 Aircraft: Cross-country scenario & system malfunctions
Lesson 8 Aircraft: Final cross-country scenario
Optional (If time permits after transition training)
Lesson 9: Biennial flight review
Lesson 10: Instrument proficiency check

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