Private Pilot / Accelerated Course

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Private Pilot Training


There are no prerequisites to begin flying lessons except for the dream to fly, and the willingness to learn and have fun! The Federal Aviation Administration requires you be at least 16 years of age in order to become a Student Pilot, at least 17 years old to get a Private Pilot’s License. Young or old, it is never too late, you can become a pilot. You must be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language and lastly, obtain an Aviation Medical Certificate -a simple medical exam with any Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)- before or early during your training process. 

Trainings Costs and Timeline: 
Training for your Private Pilot’s License is conducted at your pace and set around your schedule. Available 24/7 day, night, or weekends our experienced instructors ensure you receive the best training available, and will tailor your training to a pace of your desire. We have both 141 and 61 programs, and we don’t push you at a pace faster than you're comfortable. However, those who are able to fly several times per week tend to finish training in fewer total hours than those who fly less often, which translates to lower training costs overall.

For a Private Pilot License, the FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight training, which includes dual and solo flights. Keep in mind, this is a minimum; the national average is between 55 and 60 hours before taking their check ride. There are a number of variables affecting how long it can take to get ready for your check ride, and every person is a little different.  Our training approach focuses on you as an individual, and we will do everything we can to make your time with us as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. We understand the costs, and know your time is valuable!

There are several options available to help you cover the cost of training. Call today to set up an appointment with our staff who can walk you through the training process and can assist you with matters of financing.

Flight Instructor 
With Twin Cities, our instructors are not here to build hours and move on to new careers, they are professional instructors averaging over 2500 hours for whom flight instructing is a passion, not just a job. Our instructors provide much more than knowledge about learning to fly, they provide experience; insight into careers, ownership, renting aircraft, whatever your eventual goals may be. They are available on your schedule, and committed to each student. Throughout your learning process you will train with the same instructor who will assist you till you finish and establish a relationship long after your training ends.

The Aircraft: 
Twin Cities Flight Training offers a wide variety of training aircraft, we have several different manufactures, high-wings, low-wings, classic models up to glass panel and technically advanced aircraft, so you’re sure to find the aircraft that is right for you, both in cost and personality.


21 day Private Pilot Course

Accelerated Course:

Looking to get your license in as little time as possible? Able to dedicate full days toward learning how to fly?

Then our 21- day Private Pilot Certificate Accelerated Course is for you! We will get you your pilots license in as little time as possible and soon you’ll be qualified to fly passengers during the day or night. You will be paired one-on-one with an instructor who’s dedicated to teaching you, in as little as three weeks. This course is great to further your hobby or get you started on your career as a pilot.

Our guarantee: If you dedicate full-time each day on your course, we will work with you every day and until your rating is finished.

Prerequisites:  A third class medical and student pilot certificate, TSA approval or proof of USA citizenship

Where to Start:

  • Contact us, and let us know your interest with the accelerated course

  • Set up a schedule and time frame

  • Complete necessary prerequisites before start date.

    *Please note: With an accelerated course factors such as, weather, study habits, and mechanical issues, can influence the time it takes to complete the course


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